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Young pup to take over surfing dog legacy

A new pup will hopefully heal the hole left by the unexpected passing of the Gold Coast’s very own Instafamous surfing dog, Porkchops the British Bulldog.

Facing the loss of his best friend and surfing companion, it has not been easy for owner Sam Rollinson, but a new Golden Retriever puppy called Chino from sponsors Ipromea and breeders Activ Goldens should help.

“Losing a pet is like losing a best friend, and no matter how great their diet is and how active their lifestyle is like Porkchops, some dog’s lifespans are already determined by their genetics,” said Mr Rollinson.

“Nothing can properly fill the void of losing my best friend, but the gift of a puppy such as Chino is definitely a new friendship that will grow and help me recover from my loss.”

The existing relationships that Sam has managed to develop through Porkchops meant that Ipromea and Activ Goldens could take their partnership with him to a whole new level by gifting Sam a gorgeous puppy.

The partnership will follow the journey and life stages of Chino taking probiotics from a pup to becoming an adult dog and monitor the health benefits via microbiome testing.

The new puppy’s name, Chino, is a play on the product that was developed by Porkchops with the help of Ipromea called the Porkchoppuccino.

“I knew I would want another dog eventually and it didn’t necessarily need to be another British Bulldog. It just so happens that the best surfing dog in the world is a Golden Retriever called Ricochet, so she is the perfect breed to train to surf so we can continue Porkchop’s legacy.”

Chino will eventually take over Porkchop’s Instagram page that has 165,000 followers.

Activ Goldens has a top breeding lineage, also known as the ‘Porsche of the dog world’ and Chino is one of those puppies that is destined for great things.

Ipromea Brand Manager Tony Davis is excited by this next phase of their partnership with Sam and Chino, where they will follow her journey of learning to surf plus maintaining her health through probiotics.

“Everyone in the community is saddened by the loss of Porkchops and to show our continued support for Sam, we jumped on this opportunity to gift him a puppy that will learn to surf with him and go on an amazing probiotic health journey from the very beginning,” said Mr Davis.

“Partnering with Activ Goldens made sense to us because they not only breed some top dogs, but they also happen to be working alongside Probiotics Australia, the science behind our products, on an upcoming release of probiotic products for dogs.” 

Chino is set to jump onto the surfboard and become one of the best surfing dogs in the world. Training with the best at Go Ride a Wave – Surfers Paradise.

Ipromea will have a tent at the upcoming Paws at the Park on Sunday 7 November at Country Paradise Parklands, Nerang, where visitors can meet Chino and learn more about pet probiotics, microbiome testing and much more. Visit the Ipromea stand.

About Activ Goldens

Activ Goldens is the celebrated Brisbane based boutique Golden Retriever Stud. Rhys, the owner has spent decades in breeding and training Golden Retrievers to be national dog obedience winners and beautiful family pets. His personal quest, for a dog breed to be far superior for their intelligence and temperament, took Rhys far and wide ultimately sourcing the very best bloodlines in the world. Rhys founded the unique breed of Australian Field Golden Retriever’s, which he proudly boasts to be the Porsche of the dog world.

In this unending quest to improve every aspect of breeding the finest dogs there are exciting times ahead as Activ Goldens launches a range of products under the label Activ Dog Health. 

Activ Daily is a Premium blend of Probiotic dog products designed to support whole body health & vitality for your dog.


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