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How to spoil your pooch for international Dog day

There’s no such thing as loving your dog too much, right? Therefore, on Friday 26th August, we want to pay homage and give a special salute to honour our beloved pups on the most important day of the year – International Dog Day!

Well-known animal welfare advocate, Collen Paige, founded this paw-some annual celebration to not only acknowledge the precious fur-babies we share our lives with, but also to bring much-needed attention to the large number of dogs that need to be rescued each year.

While most of us spoil our doggies daily, on this day, instead of focusing on all the material gifts you can offer your furry friend, why not try treating them with quality dog-health related products? Putting your dog’s health first means getting them a gift of wellness, and Ipromea has a whole range of probiotic treats and products which your dog will absolutely love.

From our lab-tested probiotic shampoo to collagen-packed meal toppers, our Ipromea products have been improving the overall wellness and happiness of thousands of dogs (and dog owners) since 2020.

So, why not put your dog’s health and wellness at the top of your list this International Dog Day? Read on for some brilliant ideas on how to celebrate your pooch on this extra special day.

Give your dog some day spa love

Remember, you’re not the only one who needs a regular manicure and a pedicure!

Treat your dog to a relaxing pooch pampering experience by taking them to a speciality dog groomer that has experience with pampering pooches.

Treat your dog to a relaxing pooch pampering experience by taking them to a speciality dog groomer that has experience with pampering pooches.


clean dog treats with all the benefits of probiotics

Treat your dog with high-quality probiotics

When buying dog treats, focus on quality instead of quantity.

Tasty snacks packed with probiotics like Beg N’ Bark are a perfect option.

Your dog will love them and at the same time, you will be protecting their health by boosting their immune system.



dog having a massage on international dog day

Try a doggy massage

Just like us, dogs love a good massage.

Find a comfy, quiet spot to sit and pamper your pooch with a relaxing massage, so they can fully enjoy the benefits of improved mental and physical health, such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased circulation and decreased pain.

Plus, it will help to strengthen the special bond that exists between you and your beloved pooch. 



Indulge your pup with a soothing bath

Rub a dub dub!

Make bath times fun and enjoyable time for your pooch and make sure you use a scratch-free shampoo like Woof Wonder.

This nourishing shampoo is made from natural ingredients and probiotics that will soothe any skin concerns and keep your dog’s coat looking extra shiny and healthy



dog playing with toy

Let your dog choose a new toy

Christmas has come early!

Make your dog’s day extra special and take them to the nearest pet shop to choose a brand-new chew toy.

There’s plenty of types to choose from these days and some are even healthy for their teeth, gums and mental health.

Ever heard of sniff mats, Kongs or self-feeding bowls? When your dog has to use their senses and smarts to make use of their toy, they will be stimulated and happy.

It might sound a bit much, but trust us, the experience is totally worth it!



dog nutrition health

Top up your pooch’s food bowl with extra goodness

Healthy and probiotic-packed dog food toppers like Pet Parade and Tummy Time make the perfect combination for a wholesome and delicious treat.

Dog food can sometimes be a bit boring but with these products, you are not only adding flavour, but also multiple health benefits to every meal.



Help out a rescue pooch

Why not make a much-needed donation on behalf of you and your dog to a local canine rescue centre?

Each year, there are around 200,000 stray or surrendered dogs admitted to shelters and municipal rescue centres across Australia.

Your donation could go a long way in changing the life of pooch in need.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your International Dog Day celebrations a hit for both you and your pooch! Just remember that when it comes to making your dog extra happy, nothing beats a little quality time with you.

How are you planning to celebrate International Dog Day this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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