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Ipromea continue to partner with Dr Claire Stevens to help promote the benefits of probiotics for pets and the general wellbeing of our dogs and cats.

We sat down with Dr Stevens recently to learn a bit more about her and what she has been up to.

Dr Claire Photography By Paul A. Broben

How long have you been a vet for?

13 years 

Why did you become a vet?

I was always obsessed with animals as a child and inspired to do veterinary medicine as a result of the strong bond I had with my dog, Sasha my King Charles Spaniel, as a child. 

What’s your favourite animal?

Dogs and then, all wildlife. 

What sort of health concerns do you see often?

I’m in small animal general practice, I see everything when it comes to dogs and cats. 🙂  

What advice can you give to dog owners about caring for their dog?

  1. Prioritise obedience training and daily exercise 
  2. Learn how to communicate and bond with your dog. Dogs aren’t humans, commit to ensuring they have an enriched life
  3. Speak to your vet about good quality diets, preventative medicine and diagnostic tests to monitor overall wellness. 

What are some other things you’ve been up to lately? 

This year is flying by, between COVID, floods and our awesome trip to Africa, two kids and two dogs and my current media commitments, I’ve been working on veterinary conference talks and a new online training program for vets and veterinary receptionists.

The best part of my job is that no two days are the same, so much variety, endless fabulous projects – all usually centred around my favourite thing, dogs. 

Dr Claire Stevens bathing dog Lilly with Ipromea Woof Wonder.

Other than your career/being a vet, what do you love to do

We were having some real challenges with Frankie our Golden Retriever with loose lead walking, so we’ve been doing obedience classes every week and committed to training her most days, even if its just for 15 mins, and Im loving this bonding time with her. And Im learning so much more about dog psychology and behaviour. Maybe I’ll be a dog trainer next! 

My favourite pastime is Muay Thai Boxing and recently I started Pilates which is way harder than it looks! 

What do you think of the Ipromea products?

Beg N’ Bark – My dogs love these treats and literally beg for more. It’s great to buy treats for dogs that are clean and made with quality probiotics that are specifically designed for their gut health.  

Pet Parade – It’s easy to sprinkle this on every meal and can help with their coats and skin.

Tummy Time – I love this broth formula; the dogs don’t seem to notice it’s in their food and it’s a great way to get probiotics into them.  

Woof Wonder – This hypoallergenic shampoo enhanced with postbiotic ingredients definitely works wonders with my dogs’ coats and I use it every other week for my filthy Golden Retrievers! 

One of her recent Facebook posts talks about dog baths! She says:

Ipromea Woof Wonder smells divine, is oatmeal based and ensures a balanced skin and coat. So, it’s all worth it in the end.”

Dr Claire Stevens, posted 4 March

We loved getting to know our favourite vet a little bit more and hope you did too.

You can check out here full profile via her Facebook or Website.

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