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Christmas with fur babies: The ultimate guide to celebrating with pets


Christmas is the time of the year to spend time with your nearest and dearest, and to pet lovers, this includes spending extra special time with your pets too! After a busy year, it’s great to sit back, reflect and to acknowledge those who mean the world to you, including those furry family members who are always there.

We’ve put together a few ideas below for ways to include your fur babies in the festivities:

Take Santa-Paws photos

More and more places are now offering Santa Pet photos. If your fur baby is part of the family, why not include them in your yearly Christmas photo session? Most shopping centres and pet stores these days will have a special allocated timeslot where you can bring your pet along to meet the man in the red suit in a comfortable and quiet environment.

If your pet is a little timid or isn’t a fan of outings, you could try a photo session at home with a few accessories in front of the Christmas tree.

Make them some Christmas candy canes

If you’re looking for a cool summer dog treat, this recipe is easy to make and your fur baby will feel included in the festive fun. It doesn’t contain any actual candy canes (which can be toxic for your doggo). Instead, these summer Christmas pops use dog-friendly breath-improving, gut-cleansing ingredients.


1 cup of plain Greek yoghurt

1 handful of fresh mint

1 handful of fresh parsley

Natural red food colouring

TUMMY TIME or PET PARADE (to your pets dosage depending on size)


Add yoghurt and herbs and probiotics to a food processor and blend well. Pour the yoghurt mix into ice cube trays along with two or three drops of food colouring in each cube. You can swirl the food colouring in slightly but don’t mix completely.

All the pops must freeze completely before serving to your pup.

Spend some quality time with them

One of the best parts about having time off work during the holiday season is having time to do the things you enjoy.

Whether it’s curling up on the couch to watch a Christmas movie, taking your dog to their favourite doggy beach or bringing them along to their best (furry) friend’s house for a play date, make sure you set aside some time with your pets.

Buy them a gift

Gifts aren’t just for humans! You don’t want your fur baby feeling left out on Christmas day.

Show them how much you love them with a special gift you know they’ll love. Items such as toys, BEG N BARK or PAW N PURR treats, a nice shampoo, such as WOOF WONDER or even a comfy new bed would make the perfect gift.

You can also check out our PURRY CHRISTMAS or SANTA PAWS bundles!

Donate to those in need

Whilst your pets are at home feeling loved and warm, there are many not-so-lucky animals. If you want to do something fulfilling these holidays, consider honouring your pets through a donation to pets in need. This could be through donating food at your local supermarket, providing warm blankets and towels to a shelter or if you have the capacity, even fostering a pet from a rescue group. You’ll get the warm fuzzies knowing you’ve helped a fellow animal during this busy time.

Wrapping it up

All in all, there is much fun to be had over the festive season – so why should the humans have all the fun? Be sure to follow our socials and share with us how you celebrate Christmas with your furry family members!

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