Understanding and Alleviating Anxiety in Pets

22 May 2024

Anxiety in dogs and cats: A Guide to Promoting Inner Peace Has your dog ever destroyed your couch, chewed your favourite pair of shoes, or ripped a door apart trying...

Improve Your Dog’s Arthritis, Mobility and Joint Health with iPRO-Move

14 May 2024

As a dog owner, watching your beloved pet slow down due to joint issues such as osteoarthritis can be heart-wrenching. This common condition leads to pain and reduced mobility, which...

Liver Health & Easter Pet Care: Protecting Your Beloved Pets This Easter

18 March 2024

Easter Pet Care: Boosting Your Dog and Cat’s Health with iPRO-SUPPORT As we welcome the celebration of Easter, it’s important to keep in mind the well-being of our cherished pets....

Transformative Probiotics for Dogs: A Gateway to a Happier, Healthier Life

12 February 2024

Probiotics for Dogs: In recent years, probiotics have taken centre stage in human health, celebrated for their ability to restore and maintain a healthy balance of gut flora. But did...