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Top 5 Signs that tell you that your dog is healthy

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend.

Most pooch parents would consider their dog a beloved member of the family due to their loyal companionship and let’s not forget those happily wagging tails every time we walk in the front door!

Like any parent, dog owners often over-think every little quirk their dog displays, but how can you tell if your furry friend is truly healthy and happy?

In addition to regular check-ups with your family vet, there are various signs to indicate your dog is happy and healthy.

For your benefit, the team at Ipromea have put together list of the top five indicators of a healthy dog below:

1. Shiny and clean coat

A healthy pet will generally have a shiny, lustrous and sparking coat due to natural oils and optimal shedding cycles. If your pet is licking, scratching or chewing its coat more than usual, it can be a sign of skin allergies, unbalanced gut biome or the presence of fleas or lice.

Try regularly bathing your pooch in a good quality pet shampoo (such as Ipromea’s Woof Wonder) for a healthy, balanced skin and coat. In addition, feeding your dog a healthy diet and using a good quality collagen supplement (Ipromea’s Pet Parade) will mean your pooch will not only look and smell amazing, they will also be feeling comfortable and happy.

2. Fresh Breath

A healthy mouth is crucial to a healthy pet. Clean smelling breath and relatively clean teeth are signs of good health. Try brushing your dog’s teeth, providing treats like bones (did someone say Beg n’ Bark?) and dental chews and keeping them on a high quality diet.

3. Optimal Weight

Obesity is one of the top concerns for veterinarians and it causes many of the same problems in dogs as it does in humans such as heart disease, diabetes, bone and joint disease and various cancers.

As tempting as it is to share your leftovers with your furry friend (who can deny those puppy dog eyes begging for food at the dinner table?) it is very important to ensure you maintain good portion control and provide healthy treats and meals to help maintain a healthy weight.

The good news is that Ipromea’s unique probiotic product range aids in balancing the natural gut microbiome, meaning weight can be controlled and your pet can continue living its best life!

4.  Regular and Healthy Bowel Movements

One of the best ways to tell if your pet is healthy is to check out his poop! Healthy bowel movements indicate a healthy pup. Anything out of the ordinary could be due to a change in diet, stress, allergies or other diseases such as cancers, bowel obstructions and many other nasties.

Like humans, pet’s immune systems are 80 per cent dictated by what’s going on in the gut, so utilizing a regular routine with probiotics like Ipromea isn’t a bad idea!

5.  Alert and engaged

A healthy and happy dog is eager to spend time with their family. Greeting you at the door, bringing you their favourite toys to play with, making eye contact and just being generally excited (about just about everything) is a sign your dog is in good shape.

If your dog starts suddenly spending time alone, seems disengaged or sleeping more often, it may be the first sign of a health issue. Listen to your gut (pun intended) and if you feel something isn’t quite right, seek advice from a vet. You are your pet’s voice and you are his best advocate.

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