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Our products

If you love your pet, love their guts!

Ipromea is Australia’s first new functional product range of probiotics for pets that restores your dog’s natural microbiome from head to tail and everywhere in between.

With their digestive system making up around 80% of their immune defence, gut health for your dog should be a top priority.

Probiotics and postbiotics are the solution to balance the disturbed microbiota which will help to avoid diseases such as diarrhoea, allergies, obesity and poor skin, hair and nail health.

Our range ensures your pet’s wellbeing while keeping harmful pathogens at bay, with the goodness of billions of probiotic bacterial cells in every bite.

As they are a crucial part of our family, we share more than you think with our pets – especially when it comes to gut microbiome. To find out more about this click here.

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