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Probiotics + Toxin Relief

Pet Probiotics to support liver function for dogs and cats

Boost your pet’s well-being with iPRO-SUPPORT, a specialised probiotic meal topper powder for dogs and cats. Crafted for advanced toxin relief, liver function support, and optimised digestive health, it’s a unique solution that ensures efficient nutrient absorption, toxin elimination, and a strong immune system.

Our Australian-made pet probiotics blend, scientifically formulated with veterinary consultation, guarantees top-tier care for your beloved pet.

Prioritise your pet’s health – trust iPRO-SUPPORT for your best friend.

100 g
8 Billion CFU/serve

    Liver function

    Imagine your pet liver as your pet’s silent conductor, orchestrating a symphony of detoxification, nutrient conversion, and digestion regulation. A high-performing liver changes nutrients into usable forms and cleanses the bloodstream, sustaining your pet’s vitality.

    iPRO-SUPPORT’s unique probiotic formula is designed to promote liver function, alleviate toxins, and sustain digestive harmony, ensuring your pet’s overall well-being blossoms from within.



    • Protects the liver.
    • Slows down liver degeneration.
    • Maintains healthy digestion.
    • Boosts immune system.
    • Reduces liver fibrosis.
    • Optimises bloodstream.
    • Supports bone health.
    • Supports detoxification of harmful products.

    Why and when to use

    Supporting your pet’s liver function with Ipromea’s iPRO-SUPPORT goes beyond just digestion – it also plays a crucial role in filtering toxins from the bloodstream and regulating hormones, making it a vital component of overall well-being.

    Being attentive to signs of poor liver function can help you identify when your pet might benefit from iPRO-SUPPORT:

    • digestive issues: vomiting, diarrhoea, gas, bloating,
    • poor liver functioning: lethargy, loss or changes in appetite, digestive discomfort, excessive thirst and urination,
    • unbalanced diet or nutritional gaps: dull coat, weak bones, sluggishness, or weight loss,
    • bleeding disorders.

    iPRO-SUPPORT is ideal for assisting with:

    • toxin exposure or medication: when your pet encounters toxins or is on medication that may impact the liver, iPRO-SUPPORT can aid in detoxification and support the liver’s processing capabilities,
    • age-related liver support: as pets age, their liver function may naturally decline. iPRO-SUPPORT provides proactive support to maintain optimal liver health as they grow older,
    • environmental pollutants: exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants can stress the liver. iPRO-SUPPORT assists in detoxification and helps the liver manage these stressors,
    • certain medications: some medications can strain the liver. iPRO-SUPPORT can be used alongside medications to aid the liver’s processing,
    • liver-related diseases or conditions: if your pet has been diagnosed with liver-related health issues, iPRO-SUPPORT complements treatment plans by promoting liver function and overall well-being.



    Active ingredients

    Milk thistle

    Milk thistle's strength lies in its ability to support the liver's detoxification functions. This potent functional ingredient shields the liver from toxins, encourages healthy liver tissue regeneration, and amplifies toxin relief. It's a guardian for your pet's vital organ.



    Beetroot Powder, bursting with antioxidants and nutrients, amplifies liver function support by optimising blood circulation and enhancing liver detoxification. Its remarkable properties help maintain liver health while fostering efficient digestion.


    Schizandra chinensis

    Schizandra Chinensis, recognised for its adaptability, aids in toxin relief and liver function by enhancing the liver's resilience to stressors. This remarkable ingredient empowers the liver's ability to filter toxins, contributing to overall well-being.


    Probiotic ingredients:

    Lactobacillus paracasei PAB™-IPR09 3.00 Billion CFU/serve, Lactobacillus rhamnosus PAB™-IPR12 3.00 Billion CFU/serve, Lactobacillus plantarum PAB™-IPR10 2.00 Billion CFU/serve

    Functional ingredients:

    Sweet Potato Powder, Inulin, Milk Thistle, Beetroot Powder, Schizandra Chinensis, Fructo Oligosaccharide (FOS).

    As per suggested serving size chart, apply 1 spoon per body weight range to your pet’s meal and stir. One serve equals approximately 1 teaspoon.

    This product is for dogs and cats and is intended for intermittent feeding only. If in doubt, please consult your veterinarian.

    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Quantity Per Treat Quantity Per 100g
    Energy 52.4 kj 1310 kj
    Protein 0.8 g 19.2 g
    Fat – total
    – saturated
    0 g
    0 g
    0.2 g
    0 g
    Carbohydrate – total
    – sugars
    2 g
    0.2 g
    49.5 g
    5.6 g
    Sodium 0 mg 2 mg

    ipromea < 10 kg 2 g (0.5 teaspoon)
    ipromea 10 – 25 kg 4 g (1 teaspoon)
    ipromea > 25 kg 6 g (1.5 teaspoon)

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