Experience the benefits probiotics can have on your pet’s health and general wellbeing!

If your dog or cat suffers from diarrhoea, allergies, obesity, or stress symptoms, for instance, this could be a result of disturbances within the gut microbiota – in other words, an unbalanced gut.

Ipromea Products are powered by Probiotics Australia, made in Australia, all natural, uses pre/pro/post biotics strains for pet’s microbiome, supports gut health and uses trademarked Zoonatant.

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  • Best seller!
    beg n bark

    Beg n Bark

    Clean Treats $23.25
    • Suitable for all breeds of dogs
    • All natural, organic, and lean protein
    • Digestive and immune health
  • pet-parade_jar-min

    Pet Parade

    Premium Collagen $32.50
    • Collagen booster powder to add to pet foods
    • Pre/Pro/Postbiotic mix with bioavailable marine collagen
    • Supports optimal bone, joint, hair, nail and skin health
  • tummy-time-bottle-min

    Tummy Time

    Inner Health $28.50
    • Broth for enhancing meals
    • Supports gut health for cats and dogs
    • Bioactive liquid elixir for optimal health and immunity
  • woof-wonder-bottle-min

    Woof Wonder

    Probiotic Glow Shampoo $34.50
    • Skin biome friendly probiotic shampoo
    • Hypoallergenic with oatmeal
    • Helps keep your pets coat and skin clean and healthy