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New Ipromea Ad Featuring Pup’s Probiotic Journey Launches


Chino, a Field Golden Retriever, embarks on an Ipromea pet probiotic journey in this fun-filled animated advertisement highlighting the benefits Chino and her family go through on her probiotic path.

The Advertising Campaign

Ipromea, the marketing team at Zakazukha and the talented animators at Caldwell Entertainment have combined their creative minds to produce a colourful animated TVC, hitting screens on the WIN Network next week.

Ipromea’s pet probiotic journey advertisement will run over the next 6 months across regional Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Supported by a digital campaign, Chino’s journey aims to generate awareness around the harmful germs unintentionally transferred from pets to families and show how probiotics especially designed for pets can help keep us safe from unwanted bacteria.

The advert adopts a light and humorous tone to convey its message aimed at pet owners and their families, and features images of Chino surfing and getting into general puppy mischief.


Ipromea’s Probiotic Journey

The story behind the animation centres around an adorable puppy called Chino, Ipromea’s fabulous petfluencer/dog ambassador, and the first steps of her exciting probiotic adventure.

Chino’s story includes her loving family with whom she shares much of her time playing, eating, and sleeping together, but unbeknownst to them all – they are also sharing microbiome and gut issues.

Like most puppies learning to exist in the big wide world, Chino find herself getting into all sorts of messes, from licking things she shouldn’t, dragging her bum along floors, rolling in mud, eating flies and rubbish to who knows what else!

Consequently, Chino unknowingly picks up and spreads all sorts of disgusting germs to the rest of her family and, unsurprisingly, Chino and the family’s infant start to feel sick.

The invisible germs affect and influence their gut microbiome, causing an imbalance which results in gut issues, tummy upsets, and possibly other types of bacteria-related illnesses.

But all that changes when…

“Chino takes her first big step in her next great adventure… the Ipromea Probiotic Journey.”

Ipromea functional pet products are packed full of probiotics that are especially designed to help improve the gut health of your four-legged friends. 

It helps balance the bacteria in your cat or dog’s gut, so they can stay healthy and active and continue making new friends.

Due to taking her daily probiotics, Chino begins to feel happier, healthier and has the energy to do the things she loves – such as surfing!

When Chino and her owner visit a dog park, another owner is concerned that Chino is not protected by probiotics. Luckily, she is and Chino’s owner pulls out a bag of Ipromea Beg N’ Bark probiotic treats which he carries everywhere they go.

Chino’s story teaches us about the dangers of harmful bacteria on unsuspecting pet owners and the importance of keeping families protected via regular probiotic supplement intake.

It also educates more people about the benefits of probiotics for pets, and how Ipromea probiotics are designed with dog and cat-specific probiotic strains which target microbiome or gut bacteria – ultimately, balancing good and bad bacteria to maintain general health and well-being.

To find out more about the extensive research behind pet probiotics, visit Ipromea. There are numerous studies supporting the many benefits of probiotics for our beloved fur babies.

Chino The Surfing Pup

The story of Chino starts with the tragic passing of Porkchops, a beloved surfing British Bulldog with over 165,000 Instagram followers.

The teams at Ipromea and Brisbane breeders Activ Goldens partnered together to help Porkchop’s grieving owner, Sam Rollinson, a surf instructor at Go Ride a Wave – Surfers Paradise, by gifting him with an adorable Golden Retriever pup.

These days, Porkchops’ legacy continues on – Sam enjoys teaching Chino to surf the waves on the beaches of the sunny Gold Coast.

Read Chino’s story full story here.

About Ipromea

Ipromea is Australia’s first new functional product range that restores your dog’s natural microbiome from head to tail and everywhere in between.

Our range ensures their wellbeing while keeping harmful pathogens at bay, with the goodness of billions of probiotic bacterial cells in every bite.

With their digestive system making up around 80% of their immune defence, gut health for your dog should be a top priority.

Please find the range of Ipromea products HERE.

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