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New Pet Probiotic Product Range Launched

Australia’s first new functional pet product range has dropped! We are thrilled to announce the launch of Ipromea, a comprehensive collection of products designed to restore your pet’s natural microbiome from head to tail and everywhere in between!

With a unique suite of products specifically tailored to support optimal pet health from the inside out, Ipromea ensures the wellbeing of your four-legged friends while keeping harmful pathogens at bay.

We are now living in an era when the importance of gut health is not to be underestimated, and you may be surprised to know the same applies to our pets too. 

After understanding the advantages of postbiotics and probiotics for humans, we can now relate many of these benefits to our pets by incorporating them into their daily diet.

Most importantly, our products are backed by science and are filling a much-needed void in the marketplace to take the health of our pets to a whole new level.

Upon launch, we are excited to share our first suite of unique probiotic products which include:

  • Beg ‘N’ Bark Probiotic Treats
  • Woof Wonder Probiotic Shampoo
  • Tummy Time Probiotic Tonic
  • Pet Parade Collagen Powder

Best of all, we have plenty of exciting new products on the way, which are undergoing final tests in the lab and will be available on our online shop in the coming months! This will include an exclusive range for your feline friends. We’ve also entered agreements to stock Ipromea across a number of credible pet product retailers in the near future.

We are incredibly thrilled to launch to the market and hope you love our Ipromea product range as much as your pets will!


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